Friday, October 31, 2014

Better Snacking Ideas for the Office

#1  10 Healthy Office Snacks: The Anti-Vending Machine Guide

Snacking while at work is often necessary because we’re short on time to have a healthy meal or because we just don’t like to weigh ourselves down with something big until dinner. The problem often comes in giving ourselves healthy choices that will keep our metabolism running without giving us the spike and let down of sugary snacks, not to mention all the other unhealthy side effects. In this article by Danielle Walsh, we get a lot of ideas for bringing tasty foods that are fun, easy and quick to eat, won’t make us feel lethargic and can be eaten while still at our desk getting things done. Read the full article here.
#2  Avoid Putting on Pounds in the Office – 7 Healthy Snacks at Work

In this article, Christina Davis tells us that snacking throughout the day is not a bad idea. In fact it can help keep us awake and alert and help us focus more on our work because we aren’t constantly thinking about the fact that we’re hungry. The trick comes in picking the right snack options that won’t tire you out and then hang around on your waistline long after. She explains that substituting nuts, fruits and veggies for chips and candy will fill you up more and keep you satisfied longer. In addition, they won’t be on your hips the next time you try to get into your favorite outfit. Read the full article here.

#3  The 5 Best Foods to Keep in Your Office Fridge

From almonds, to green tea, and baby carrots to plain yogurt, writer Paige Fowler, has some great ideas and tips on what to keep in your office fridge to stave off mid afternoon hunger or provide a quick meal for lunch or dinner if you’re working late. Her healthy snack ideas will keep you productive and satisfy your hunger. Read the full article here. 

#4  Workplace Health Topics

A healthy employee is a happy and productive employee and of course we all know this. However, the City of Toronto has gone all out to make sure their employees health needs are considered and taken into account on every level. To that end, they bring us this article to give us a myriad of ideas on how to encourage healthy practices and help your employees stay happy and healthy.  With ideas on how to incorporate regular cancer screening opportunities to fun ways to encourage healthy eating, and reduce workplace stress, this article is chock full of great tips and hints on how to make your work place a healthier place to be.  Read the full article here.

#5  10 Office Food Hacks

This fun video from foodbeastTV gives us hints on how to make our office eating less messy, and easier. From creating some space in the microwave by employing a coffee cup to turning your chip bag into a bowl, to using a rubber band to keep your sliced apple from turning brown, this video gives a lot of useful hints for keeping your work time meals tasty, fun, fresh and a much neater experience. See the full video here.
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Tips to Make Your Home Office a Productive Space

Whether you're an office purist, or go to work in your pajamas, everyone needs a home office. The home office is a place where you can get away from the office cubicle and still get work done in a comfortable place.

If your home office is a place where you can focus and stay on task, it can be a great asset to your work productivity. If it is a cluttered mess that lacks organization however, it can be a major hurdle holding you back from taking that next step in your professional life. These simple tips on home office organization and simplicity can help you keep the comfortability of working from home, without sacrificing your productivity.

Everyone loves their pajamas. How could you not? They're so comfortable. They could be holding you back however in your productivity level at home. Instead of waking up and going to work a mess, act like you're actually going into the office and dress for success. This can get you off on the right foot to start out your day.

Dressing for success to start out your day can be the key to success. If you wear your typical office attire, you are automatically holding yourself to a higher standard, which will transfer to the quantity and quality of work you put in. Once you get to work however, your office organization can set your productivity back in a major way if all of a sudden you can't find that project file you've been slaving over for weeks. Keeping things where they need to be and keeping your supplies neat and organized will help you get a quick start and stay on task.

Another important key to being able to get work done in your home office is having a schedule to stick to. If you set out goals to accomplish throughout the day, you will be more motivated to stay on task and get things done. It can be too easy to get distracted at home by surfing the internet, focusing on things you could be doing around the house, and a myriad of other natural distractions we deal with on a daily basis. If you give yourself a schedule for the day with tasks to accomplish, you will be more likely to not be distracted and focus on getting your work done.

Working from home can be a luxury that many of us can take for granted. Take advantage of your precious time at home and get ahead on your work. Find a place where you can focus, without dreading the fact you are having to do work perhaps on the weekend. Give yourself strict tasks and deadlines and follow them. Stick to your schedule and keep your home office organized and free of clutter. Follow these tips and you may be surprised what you can accomplish!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Staying Productive in the Office

Whether you're working in a cubicle or from your home office, everyone has fallen victim to office distractions. You took one break on social media and all of a sudden, three hours have gone by and you're way behind on your work. Here are a few tips to help you stay on task and get the most productivity out of your time at work.

Limit Multitasking

Everyone thinks they can talk on the phone, complete an order form, and eat that sub they brought for lunch. The fact of the matter is, studies show multitasking is actually not possible for full productivity. Sometimes multitasking has to happen, but as much as you can, try and stick to one task at a time to access your full productivity. For other tips, go here.

Make a To-Do List

Some people love them, some people loathe them. Either way, to-do lists can be essential tools to keeping you on task and accomplishing as much as possible. Order the list with however many tasks you want, but be sure to be realistic. Finishing everything on your list will give you a sense of accomplishment and can inspire you to take on more. For more ideas on being productive, check out this article.

Avoid Procrastination

You always come through in the clutch. When your back is against the wall and you have to get the job done, everyone can always count on you. However, do you want to limit the stress in your life and increase your productivity? Then avoid procrastinating whenever you can. Work on projects in incremental parts as far ahead in advance. That way, when you do get down to crunch time, you've only got the finishing touches to take care of, rather than brewing a gallon of coffee and pulling an all-nighter. Check out this link for more tips on avoiding procrastination.

Stay Organized

Is your office space at work or home a complete pigsty? Keep your workspace clean and organized. If everything you need is easy to find, you'll spend less time searching for your items and more time on your project which will lead to more quality work. Start by organizing files, keeping project items together, and keep your supplies stocked. For more office design tips to help productivity, check out this link.

Keep Your Body Energized

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In all honesty, any meal is important when it comes to your work productivity. Keeping a full belly will contribute to a mind of full thoughts. Instead of running to the vending machine and grabbing that bag of chips, go for the almonds, fresh fruit, or other healthy alternatives. These foods will give you the real fuel you need that won't lead to your afternoon sugar crash after that candy bar. For more tips on keeping focused, go here.

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