Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top Office Spring Cleaning Tips

Top 10 Tricks to De-Clutter Your Office
Forbes.com brings us this incredibly helpful article on how to keep your office looking neat and clean and organized. An organized office is much easier to work in and these handy little tips are going to make keeping it organized a snap. 
Creating specific zones for your workspace is a huge first step. Making one zone where you do your computer work, one where you do research or work that requires dealing with paper and one where you keep supplies. By creating zones, it also helps you to organize your day and workload as well as your office. There are a lot of other great ideas and you can get them all by reading the full article here.

Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for Organizing Your Office
Spring is in the air and that means spring cleaning your office needs to happen. In this article by waspbarcode.com we get some awesome ideas on how to get our offices cleaned up for spring and ideas on how to keep it from getting all cluttered again. Clutter doesn’t just look unsightly, it also is a time waster. When you have to dig through clutter to find what you need, you’re wasting time you could be spending on more valuable tasks. There are some great tips and tricks in this article that will really help you create a workspace that works for you. Read the full article here.

30 Days of Spring Cleaning: 3 Easy Ideas for Organizing Your Home Office
As with any project, it’s important to get tips from the experts so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In this article by Lauren Matthews for countryliving.com, she got some great advice on organizing your home office from Holly Bohn, founder and creative director for See Jane Work. One of her top tips is to get rid of what you don’t need. Go through your stash of papers and throw out or shred what you don’t absolutely have to keep. What’s left should be filed in a nice logical order that will make it easy for you to find later. Check out all her great tips, tricks and hints by reading the full article here.

Spring Clean Your Way to Career Success: 12 Orderly Office Tips
In this article by Heather Dugan for salary.com, she has some super common sense ideas to make your office at least look like it’s inhabited by an actual working person. Start with a look from the outside and imagine it is someone else’s office. Does it look neat and organized, or does it look like a baboon takes up temporary residence there from time to time? Getting rid of all those borrowed books, pens that don’t work, dead plants and paper slips that no longer have any meaning will go a long way to making your work space look more neat and organized. She has a lot more great ideas, so read the full article here to get them all. 

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Workspace
Though the weather outside is still frightful, spring will be in the air before you know it and it’s never too early to start a bit of spring cleaning. This article posted on Oe-md.com gives you several ways to get started on your spring cleaning now so you won’t have such a huge task to complete when it really is spring. A good cleaning is a great place to start. That computer monitor would probably be much easier to see if it didn’t have that layer of dust on it. Get all of the great ways to start your spring cleaning now by reading the full article here.
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