Friday, November 21, 2014

5 tips to help get ahead in your career

#1 10 Magic Words That Can Get You A Higher Salary
When you’re in the market for a new job, you often are also looking for a new and better salary; however, getting the nerve to ask for what you really want can be daunting. In this article, The Muse writing for Forbes gives us some great tips and ideas for how to ask for what you really want whether it’s a higher salary or more flex time. The key to understanding how to get what you want is in figuring out what the recruiter talking to you wants and giving it to them. The answer to what they want is really simple and giving it to them is even easier. For all the details, read the full article here.

#2 Cutting Through Office Politics
When it comes to sifting through office politics, the folks at have given some common sense good advice in this article. While they may seem obvious, the tips in this article make good sense and will help you avoid common office drama. From staying away from the gossip mill, to being friendly and respectful to everyone, these intuitively obvious tips are often lacking in many office environments. Whether you’re at the highest or lowest rung on the ladder to the top of your office, you would do well to heed these very valuable tips. Read the full article here.

#3 Are You Unintentionally Horrifying Your Boss? 6 Office Dos and Don’ts
When Kat Collings, who writes for wanted to get the best dos and don’ts on making yourself an excellent employee, she went to the top of her ladder for some great advice, her boss. While these tips seem somewhat obvious, the reason they are brought up is because many people just don’t get the basics when it comes to proper behavior in the work place. From being willing to try new jobs in order to help out the overall project, to making sure you keep the boss updated on your progress, these valuable insights will help you shine in your workplace. Read the full article here.

#4 How to Deal with Office Politics
Michelle Johanson at brings us some straight forward good advice for dealing with the politics that happen in every office. From basics like good communication and being friendly, to some great insight for finding out how your fellow employees like to communicate and then making sure you adhere to their preferred method as much as possible, this article really digs into the details of making sure you’re doing your best in the office politics arena.  For more great info, read the full articlehere.

#5 ‘Stealing the Corner Office’ Author Shares Three Unconventional Tactics
If getting that coveted corner office is your goal then Vicki Salemi writing for Media Jobs Daily gives us some very unconventional but fabulous advice from noted author Brenden Reid. Looking at the big picture is key and in a ground breaking statement, Brenden cautions us not to be so passionate, and to be more objective in our thinking. While passion is all very well and good, it’s objectivity and a goal to helping your company meet their goals that will get you noticed and propel you from that cubical farm to the cozy corner office you’re dreaming of. For this and other great ideas, read the full article here.
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