Friday, November 7, 2014

How to get ahead in the office without making enemies

The large majority of us are very driven individuals.  We set goals and have high expectations of ourselves.  We want to be the next person Forbes magazine is writing an article on or joining a list of the next millionaires.  Accomplishing these goals are usually easier said than done. To get ahead in our careers, staying focused and being aggressive when opportunities present themselves are key to being successful in the workplace. These tactics however, can often alienate your coworkers and make you the odd man out in your quest to advancing your stature in your current company or outside of that job.

Having your coworkers on your side can be a very beneficial asset in the workplace.  These coworkers can tag team meetings with you, cover work when you're sick, and many other things. If you alienate yourself in your effort to get ahead however, you can paint yourself into a corner and make your work life much more difficult.

One of the ways you can get ahead in your career while keeping your coworkers on your side can be helping them out. Whether it's on a regular conversation with your boss, or another employee, ask them how you can help them or what their biggest problem is for the week.  Offering help will show your initiative, give you invaluable leadership experience, and let your coworkers know you are responsible and they can rely on you during a difficult time at work or when they are swamped with a project.

Do you get the feeling your coworkers already dislike you or are trending toward those feelings?  It could be due to a myriad of reasons.  Being competitive in the workplace is of vital importance if you want to get ahead in your career. Being overly competitive however, can lead to major problems within the workplace and you can create a strong distaste for yourself by your coworkers. Make sure you are not bullying your other coworkers into getting your way. Be competitive,  but realize your ideas may not always be the best.

Another key is to be an open listener and friendly to your coworkers. If your coworkers are threatened by your presence and feel overpowered by your domineering attitude, you will once again alienate yourself and will not help your case in getting ahead.  Everyone likes a team player.

If you're a business professional, you most likely have a strong desire to get ahead in your career and make a better life for yourself. Make sure your pursuit of success doesn't come at the expense of your coworkers suffering or disliking you, however.  Be a good teammate and coworker will show a valuable skill in being able to work well with others, which will only make you a more valuable asset to someones company.
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