Friday, November 28, 2014

Top 5 cool office features

#1 This Office Has A Ball Pit
If you’re looking for ways to add some fun and creative energy into your office space, you’ll love this article by Nick Schonberger for Nick takes us on a tour of Chandelier Creative who manages to mix lots of hard work areas with lots of fun play areas in their offices. They have a ball pit, studio dogs, and fun pink doorways to bring extra fun into their days. If you’re running a company that needs to be creative in their approach to business, and let’s face it, what company isn’t in that position? Then you need to read the full article here.

#2 Business on a downward slide: Boss installs giant metal slide in his office so employees can quickly move between floors.
If you want to get to the fourth floor from the fifth floor at the Workshop offices, you could take the stairs, but it’s a lot more fun to take the slide! Yes we said the slide. Rob Cooper for, takes us on an inside tour of the Google-esque type work spaces of the Workshop offices. In an effort to bring more fun to the work space and boost employee morale, their office manager James Avery thought a 20 foot slide would be just the thing and judging by the employee smiles, he was right. See all the great pictures and video and read the full article here.

#3 12 Ways Puppies Can Improve Your Office Environment
In this incredibly informative article, Allison Reiber for explains how bringing puppies into the workplace can improve productivity and the overall office environment. We were really surprised at some of the revelations this article brought to light. For example, you probably wouldn’t have suspected it, but apparently conference calls become almost 90% cuter and 40% less boring when puppies are around. For these and other highly technical statistics on the quantifiable improvement that puppies bring into the office, read the fullarticle here.

#4 7 ways you can use bean bags in the office
Not just for college students and people stuck in the 70’s anymore, the bean bag chair of today has come a long way baby and Monika Baraket for shows us some great new bean bag chair styles and how you can use them in today’s office. From high back versions that are great for sitting at your computer all day, to versions that resemble the world’s best Lazy Boy chair for your favorite office guests, today’s bean bag options are versatile and very adaptable. Read the full article here.

#5 Ranked: The Best Slides And Worst Slides In Google’s Offices
While some, clearly uninspired people, might think that having a slide in the office at all is totally awesome and worth bragging about, Matt Lynley for claims that slides should all be evaluated for their own sake and not ranked highly simply because they are a slide…in an office. To this end, he has gotten a hold of some super secret Google slide info and pictures and has ranked them all for color, fun and whether or not they seem, inspired. For all the fabulous photos and Matt’s fun explanations of his ratings, read the full article here
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