Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Awesome Office Supplies You Need

Top 30 Unique and Funny Office Supplies
In this article, Fumiko writing for Contentverse.com brings us some of the most bizarre and funny office supply options you have ever seen. From an aquarium desk organizer, to a sink shaped paper clip holder called, the drip clip, you’ll find some fun ways to dress up your desk or at least some fun gifts to give to your coworkers. Make your office reflect your own special personality, and incorporate some of these fun items. Read the full article here. 

30 Silly Office Supplies Guaranteed to Make You Smile
Just because you work in an office all day doesn’t mean you can’t make that space a reflection of your fun side, as you’ll see in this article by Kristin Appenbrink for brit.co. From the most adorable cricket stapler we’ve ever seen, or in fact, the only cricket stapler we’ve ever seen, to the tulip USB hub and fabulously fun post it notes, there’s literally no end to the ways you can add some fun and whimsy to your office and your day. Use the specialized clips that proclaim what they are holding from Urgent to moot, or confuse your coworkers with a pencil sharpener that looks like a camera. All of these gadgets and gizmos will add some fun to your day and a smile to your coworkers’ faces. Get all the great options for dressing up your office by reading the full articlehere.

29 Office Products That Will Make Your Workday So, So Much Easier
Are you tired of the same old thing at your office? If so, then you’re really going to want to take a look at the fun stuff they have found in this article by Viralnova.com, to dress up your office and make your work life easier at the same time. From a mini vacuum that actually looks like a vacuum, plugs into your computer and can clean your keyboard, to stapeless staplers, there’s a myriad of fun ways to make your office easier to work in and more fun to live in for eight to ten hours a day. Get the full scoop on all the fun stuff by reading the full article here.

24 Creative and Cool Office Supplies
Bring some fun into the functional part of your workday with ideas in this article by Jameel Khan writing for instantshift.com. From the completely adorable mouse cord wrap, which as one might suspect, keeps your cords in line with the help of a little mouse tail, to the Butt station that holds your tape, pen, memo holder clips and your smile every time you look at it, these office supplies are completely functional, but their style is a bit off the beaten path. Get your inspiration on and find some fun new items for your office by reading the fullarticle here.

33 Things to Make Your Office Fun and Inspiring Again
If you’ve been looking for that Like/Dislike stamp, then you’re in luck because in this article by Linen for demilked.com, we get the low down on where to get that and many other fun items that your office has been crying out for. How many minutes have you spend tapping your pencil wish you had a drum stick? Well, now they have pencils that are also drum sticks. This article is filled with fun items you can add to your office to bring back the fun, whimsy and inspiration you’ve been missing. Read the full article here.
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