Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to Organize Your Office in 2015

21 Tips to Organize Your Office and Get More Done
Royale Scuderi writing for lifehack.org has some absolutely fabulous ideas on how to organize your office to save you time and effort and he gives them all to you here in this article. Starting with an attitude that it doesn’t all have to be done at once and making a purge of unwanted and unused items first, this article will give you a myriad of ideas on how to get yourself organized now and stay that way in the future. With just a few simple changes in routine after you’ve gotten yourself organized, you will be able to stay that way. Get all the great ideas, tips and tricks by reading the full article here. 

20 Home Office Organizing Tricks
Trying to keep our home office organized can be a daunting task, however in this article by Realsimple.com, they give us a whole slew of great gadgets and ideas on how to keep track of all those little bits that can make our office cluttered and difficult to work in. From a simple to install magnetic strip bulletin board to using an old Kleenex box for storing plastic grocery bags for reuse, the article gives us both great ideas that utilize recycled items, as well as great new office helpers we can purchase. You’ll find all the fabulous information by reading the full article here.

10 Ideas to Organize Your Office in 10 Minutes or Less
Are you determined to get your home office organized but don’t want to take the next month getting it done? Then you’re going to love this article by Andrea Dekker writing for myturnstone.com, where she gives us ten ways to start getting organized right now. Using ten minutes as your standard time allotment for each project, start by doing one task at a time during your off time. Before you know it, you’ll be completely organized and on track for reaching your goals. Get the low down on just how to make this happen by reading the full article here.

How to Organize Your Office for Maximum Productivity
Starting out with a healthy purge and then beginning the process by creating zones for your work is a great way to get organized according to this article by Neil Patel for inc.com. He suggests two zones because today almost everyone does at least some of their work on a computer. Creating a zone for computer work and one for non-computer work is a great way to keep the two type of work from cluttering each other up. He has a lot of other helpful tips as well and you can get them all by reading the full article here.

Top 40 Tricks and DIY Projects to Organize Your Office
From keeping your cords under control using zip lock baggies, to repurposing a wine rack to create an organizer, writer MMK for architecturendesign.com, gives us a whole bunch of great ideas for organizing our home office, that are both budget saving and ecofriendly. You’ll want to get all the awesome tips and tricks by readingthe full article here.
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