Thursday, January 29, 2015

Office Hacks to Make Your Jobs Easier

25 Office Hacks to Make a Hectic Work Day Easier
Sometimes it’s the little things that go awry during your day that can make you crazy. If tripping over your electronics wires and spilling your coffee is a regular occurrence during your work day then you’ll love this article by Momog30 for, where we get a whole bunch of great ideas to make our work day easier to deal with. These super cheap and easy to create office hacks will make your life easier in small but significant ways. Check out all the great ideas by readingthe full article here.

25 Office Hacks You Need to Know
Can openers aren’t just for cans anymore and it seems that twist ties have gotten a whole new useful life as well. In this article by Ilya Pozin for, we get a myriad of suggestions on how to make life at the office easier and more organized. From creating a DIY speaker for your ipod when you’re working late, to cheap and creative ways to fix wobbly furniture, the article takes good old fashioned common sense approaches to fixing those little annoying problems you deal with every day in your office. Check out all the great suggestions by reading the full article here.

7 Simple Office Hacks You Can do Right Now
In less than ninety seconds you’ll get seven no cost ways to organize your office, in this video by BuzzFeedYellow. Whether it’s that easy way to hang up your headphones, or how to clean your keyboard using post it notes, there are real no cost ways to use what’s already at your desk and make your life easier and your desk less cluttered. Get all the tips, tricks and no cost hints in just ninety seconds by watching the full video here.

10 Hacks to Improve Your Home Office Productivity
Joel Falconer for brings us this insightful article to help you be more productive in your home office. This article doesn’t tell you how to clean up and organize, it’s more about how to manage your time and distractions to help you get the most out of your creativity. Help yourself get in a productive mood by giving yourself a way to keep track of daily goals. Keep music on in the background that helps inspire you and have your distractions available but out of site while you’re working. To get these and many more options to help you be more productive, read the full article here.

Taking Care of Business: 23 Stylish Home Office Hacks
Do It Yourself doesn’t mean dowdy, in fact, in this article by Kate Thorn for, we get a whole bunch of ways to create DIY organizational projects, that are functional,  fun to look at and budget friendly. The article not only gives you great photographs of the ideas in action, it also gives you links to the full details on how to create each one of the projects. Create your fabulous new office by using all the great ideas you’ll get from reading the full article here.
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